Forget credit repair.

This is credit empowerment.

If you know how to color, you know how to improve your credit.

Color My Credit vs Credit Repair

Credit Repair

Monthly Subscription Fees
Do-it-yourself methods tailored to impact real
mortgage credit scores (FICO 5, 4, & 2)
Learn at your own pace education on how credit
scores really work
Consistent, permanent results
Monthly classes on savings and home buying
Connect with vetted credit-wise mortgage lenders
when you're ready to buy

The Color My Credit Methods

Color My Credit's foundation is built on unique methods for helping you take your power back and build a financial legacy. We will help you raise your credit scores -- the ones that actually matter.
  • The Color Key

    How to read and understand your credit report, and determine exactly what accounts are helping you, and which ones are hurting you.

  • Easy As 1-2-3

    How to build or rebuild credit without going into debt. The recipe for a perfect credit score.

  • Debt Pinball

    The ultimate strategy on paying off your debt, while also building good credit.

  • Pocket Planning

    All of Alisa's favorite methods on building your savings while barely lifting a finger.

  • Hide & Seek

    We'll show you exactly which collections and charge-offs are actually hurting your credit score, and how to handle them.

  • Student Loan Zone

    Learn about how student loans actually impact your credit, and how to handle negative accounts

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